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Why have a travel health advice consultation before traveling abroad.

Travel Health Advice consultations are scheduled health appointments carried out by nurses or doctors prior to traveling abroad. Ideally if you are travelling abroad for business, vacation or for a charity trip a full travel health advice consultation should be completed. A travel clinic consultation includes a specific travel health risk assessment. The risk assessment will include the noting of health conditions which may impact on vaccinations which may be relevant for the trip. It should also include amongst other things a discussion about all health risks in the chosen destination of travel. Once a travel clinic consultation is done recommended vaccinations can be offered to the traveler and administered.
Now, there are a few more reasons why you will require a travel advice consultation. Let’s take a sneak peek.
The Threat to Yourself and Natives
You can become a threat to natives or fellow travelers if you are already suffering from a chronic or acute disease. In relation to the COVID 19, travelers spread the disease around the world. It’s important to get health advice from expert health professionals like travel health nurses. With urgent travel it is still adviced to have a travel clinic consultation because many vaccines can still be had prior to travel, and can still offer some protection. The nurse will also discuss specific travel related risks you may encounter on your trip.
Recent Surgeries
Scheduling a travel health advice consultation also becomes very important if you have undergone surgeries recently. The consultation will acknowledge what health measures you may need to take before and whilst on the trip.
Getting Necessary Vaccines
When traveling to some countries there are may be mandatory vaccines that are required for entry into the country. A discussion can be had with your travel health advice nurse and you can discuss the relevance of these vaccines for your trip. There may also be other vaccines that may be advices for your health and safety whilst abroad.
These are a few reasons to book an appointment with Travel Clinic Plus. Our nurses are experienced in the travel health field and are ready to support you prior or after travel abroad.
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Travel Health

 The New World of Travel Health

Travel health has been a cause for concern for many years as it is known that pre-travel health advice is sought only by a small proportion of the population before travelling abroad. Those that seek pre-travel advice from a travel clinic before travelling include celebrities going abroad for charitable projects or health professionals travelling abroad to very rural areas for work. Business travellers have also been more likely to seek pre-travel advice as they are advised by their specific occupational health departments. Unfortunately, those travelling to visit their friends and family in possibly a country of origin has been one of the groups seeking the least contact with health professionals for pre-travel advice.
The problem of travellers not seeking travel health advice before travel is compounded as travellers are travelling abroad more frequently and are travelling to more far-flung parts of the planet, and in even more recent times the age of travellers wanting to experience the joys our diverse world has also increased.

In our new world of everyone considering their health status due to COVID 19 it is vital that health professionals capitalise on the possible opportunity of improving population health in relation to travelling abroad. When travellers travel abroad without good health advice, it not only can impact on individual health but on population health. Promoting good understanding of the need for pre-travel health advice amongst the population is now vital.

One way of promoting health in travellers is by supporting facilities offering pre-travel advice. In the past it would take weeks to be able to find a travel clinic and then possibly even longer to book an appointment. How things have changed, the new world has allowed for easy access to everything online. Travel clinics such as Travel Clinic Plus are offering easy online bookings for pre-travel health advice which then is converted into telephone consultations where full travel health risk assessments are completed. Clients are then directed to high street vaccination centres if vaccinations are required, making the whole experience of accessing pre-travel health advice much more practical and helpful.

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Written by John Hagley – Author/ English Teacher