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 COVID 19 Update

Our telephone travel clinic is now offering full telephone consultations as the government has relaxed some restrictions.

Coronavirus disease ( COVID-19) put a huge damper on the travel industry because of the seriousness of the disease. According to the WHO, Coronavirus is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

This therefore means that everyone needs to continue to take precautions even as the UK government is continuing to relax restrictions within the country. The FCO  still continues to advise against non-essential travel.

It’s very important to continue to observe all guidance set by the UK government to ensure that the coronavirus is brought fully under control.

Our Service – Telephone Travel Health Consultation

The pre-travel clinic consultation allows for a set period of time where travellers can identify health concerns that might arise during a holiday or business travel abroad. The purpose of the pre-travel clinic consultation is  to:

  1. Complete a personlaised risk assessment.
  2. Communicate to the traveler health risks involved in their chosen travel abroad.
  3. Identity to the traveller risk management measures, includ­ing immunizations, malaria prophylaxis, and other medications as indicated which they may benefit from prior to, during and after travel abroad.