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Australasia and the Pacific encompasses a great deal ofisland nations at the farthest Eastern edge of our beautiful earth. From the modern and engagingwestern culture of Australia, to the very natural world culture in the island nation tribes of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia, a world of wonderful adventure waits travelers to Australasia and Pacific. Papua New Guinea is home to some of the greatest and mostdelightful wildlife on earth, like it’s famous ‘Birds of Paradise’. Fiji also has countless beaches of stunning beauty with a wealth of amazing wildlife along with it’s many islands to hop between.

You have come to the best place to get your travel health advice to visit Australasia & Pacific.

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  • New Zealand
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Travel safety

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice is extremely important to review as it helps you make your own decisions about the foreign travel you plan to embark upon. Their main concern is the safety of the citizens of the United Kingdom when travelling abroad. Unfortunately, theyare unable toofferpersonalized advice for individual trips.

If you are at all anxious about the safety of the country you plan to travel to it would be prudent to read the country or territory travel advice from the foreign office

If you are at allconcerned about whether or not it’s safe for you to travel to a particular country or territory, you should read the travel advice for the country or territory you’re travelling to, together with other researched travel advice before making a final decision on whether to travel. Travel Clinic Plus cannot make the decision on travel for you either. We will only be able to discuss the safety advice. Only you can decide whether it’s safe for you to travel.

See Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Travel Advice.