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Wherever you are traveling to, it’s always advised to get advice about precautions and vaccination requirements. Do you have a complicated vaccination history or maybe you are not even sure about your vaccination history? We can help. Do you require an expert to review your vaccination history and advise on recommended vaccinations and travel precautions from the comfort of your own home? We can help.

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Our Telephone Travel Clinic allows our clients access to expert travel health nurses with many years of experience in the field of Preventative Medicine and Travel Health. Our travel vaccination nurses are always ready to offer up to date, complex travel health advice and vaccine scheduling which our clients can access from the comfort of their home.





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  • Book a telephone travel health consultation online.
  • Have your vaccination history reviewed by an expert travel health nurse.
  • Receive expert travel health advice specific to your destination/s of travel.
  • Receive full scheduling advice on vaccinations and medication recommended specific to your: destination of travel, your personal vaccination history and your past and current physical health.
  • Take your personalized advice plan to your Practice Nurse or Private Clinic Vaccination Service. Have your vaccinations and medication administered and dispensed in clinic or pharmacy.
  • Bon Voyage.

Travel Vaccinations for Popular Destinations

 We here in Britian love travelling abroad. We absolutley love travelling to Spain, France, Italy and the list is growing. Many of us are travelling to more exotic destinations year on year. Although vaccinations may not be required for the protection of ones health when travelling to some countries abroad, understanding diseases present in the chosen country of travel is still very important. There are always risks involved in foreign travel. At Travel Clinic Plus we want to ensure that our clients are aware of these risks empowering them to stay safe whilst on their foreign travel trip.


You may already be aware of how large the continent of Africa is as it covers an immense area.


The countries in Europe are all so varying. From an astoundingrange of landscapes and cultures,


Asia has many countries with a wide variation of cultures and religions. In India you will find bustling cities

North & Central America Plus Caribbean

North America offers travelers great experiences of different western cultures. The United States has a comfortable

Australasia & Pacific

Australasia and the Pacific encompasses a great deal ofisland nations at the farthest Eastern edge…

South America

With a staggering amount of landscapes and an amazing mix of cultures old and new South America is captivating.

Travel Health Consultation

Our expert nurses are ready to carry out your telephone consultation. We are making it easily accessible, for you to get travel health advice, by providing our personalised service over the telephone.  Once your consultation is completed you may or may not require vaccinations. 

Before any vaccination one must have a risk assessment. Whether it is on the telephone or in person it must be completed before a vaccine is administered. This process can take a while to complete so why not get it done from the comfort of your home or office.

Your health is your wealth. Don’t delay – Book now.

Note: Telephone consultations cannot be completed whilst driving.